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Minecraft: Extreme Tree Farming

Friends, today only I will share with you, at absolutely no charge, my incredible 100% guaranteed four step method for farming trees both awesomely and efficiently. You will be amazed. You will be astounded. You may wish to leave now … Continue reading

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Minecraft, and freaking spiders.

Minecraft has been occupying a lot of my time lately. Describing it succinctly is difficult; I suppose I could say it’s a freeform/sandbox/building/exploring/crafting/resource-gathering game, but I think we passed succinct quite some time ago. Everything is made of blocks, and … Continue reading

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In VVVVVV you play Captain Viridian, whose spaceship has crashed in an alternate dimension, leaving the crew scattered around in need of rescue. It’s your job to go out into the open world (and into its linear ‘dungeon’-like levels) and bring … Continue reading

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Paradise Found

Burnout: Paradise is the fifth instalment in Criterion Games’ excellent series of smashy crashy driving games, and it retains the essential elements of the previous games while moving in an interesting new direction. Burnout’s hook has always been fairly simple: it’s … Continue reading

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A couple of thoughts on the Tomb Raider: Underworld demo

1. It really feels like Tomb Raider. Awesome scenery, great environmental puzzles, frustrating repetition when you can’t quite figure out what to do next; all that good stuff. 2. Surely there is a point in Archaeology School when somebody says … Continue reading

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If we learned anything from Portal, it’s how a shorter game can offer as complete and fully realised an experience as a big-budget mainstream title. Perhaps even more so, because it can be tighter and more focused. It can dispense … Continue reading

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Another one for the highlight reel

The pre-review-section editorial in this month’s Edge is about, well… what games are about. When they try to be about things. How well they succeed in being about things. Whether they need to be about things at all. Among others, … Continue reading

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